Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering department of MACERC was started in 2010 with an intake capacity of 60 students which was later on increased to 120. Since then the department is flourishing day by day. Civil engineering is becoming the need of the hour, as India, which is in its developing stage needs continuous and massive infrastructural development, for which civil engineers are required in large numbers. Now a day the demand of civil is increasing leaps and bounds.

Keeping in view the above factors and considering the increasing demand of civil engineers, the Civil Engineering department of the MACERC is developed accordingly- having experienced faculty, quality infrastructure and well equipped laboratories. Some of the important labs established in department are:
1 Surveying lab 2 Concrete lab 3 HHM lab 4 RMT lab 5 Geo-tech lab 6 Engineering Geology lab 7 Structural Engineering Lab 8 Environmental Engineering lab

Engineering in general and Civil Engineering in particular, requires quality practical exposure for the students, so all the labs have required equipments and instruments as per the syllabi that fulfill this need aptly. The practical are performed by students under the able guidance of well qualified and experienced faculties and lab technicians.

Best teaching and learning facilities are available in the department. Teaching activities are carried out by the well qualified and experienced faculties having vast academic and field experience. Much attention is paid by the faculties on the academic and personal development of each and every student. Workshops and seminars are arranged on regular basis in the college to upgrade the practical as well as theoretical knowledge of various aspects of civil engineering. The students of the Civil Engineering department are also exposed to on-site field projects.

HOD Profile

Dr. Sanjay Gaur


India is a developing country requiring continuous infrastructural development. Civil engineers in significant numbers are required to accomplish the job of this development. Now a days, the demand of civil engineers is gaining momentum day by day and hence, the Civil Engineering department is one of the most important faculties of MACERC.

The Civil Engineering department focuses on developing in-depth knowledge in students, concerning the designing, planning, managing and understanding the construction aspects of various civil and infrastructural works, with the help of well qualified and experienced faculty members. The students are imparted theoretical as well as practical knowledge regarding all the subjects of Civil Engineering. The department’s state-of-art infrastructure and well equipped laboratories exposes the student to the latest in the world of Civil Engineering.

We, in the department, commit ourselves to the development of a stronger India. Wishing all success and wonderful career advancement to the students.


Surveying Lab

Surveying is the main subject of civil engineering curriculum of Rajasthan technical university, Kota. The subject is being taught in semester IVth and Vth of the syllabus. The survey lab is well equipped. The lab is equipped with following main instruments/practical: 1 Chains 2 Tapes 3 Leveling instruments (Tilting and dumpy levels) 4 Theodolites 5 Plain table 6 Planimeter 7 Compass (Surveying and Prismatic) and other accessories related to above instruments as tripod, cross staff, leveling staff, ranging rods, arrows etc. The experiments are carried out as per syllabus requirements.

Concrete lab

This subject is gaining importance in the field of civil engineering with the advancement of technology. Concrete is the most vital and important construction material in the modern-day construction world. The subject is part of semester IVth syllabus of RTU Kota. The lab of college is also well equipped comprising following equipments/practical: 1 Vicat apparatus 2 Le-chatelier apparatus 3 Sieve sets 4 Pycnometer 5 Slump test 6 Apparatus to find compaction factor test 7 Flow table 8 Blaine air permeability test 9 Vibration table etc.

Hydraulics Lab

The study of hydraulics and hydraulics machines has great importance to a civil engineer. The lab comprises of some of the following equipments/practical: 1. Pitot Tube 2. Orifice & Mouth piece 3. Apparatus to find out losses in pipes 4. Centrifugal pump 6. Apparatus to verify the Bernoulli’s Theorem 7. Apparatus to find out Meta centric height 8. Orifice meter 9. Venturi-meter etc.

Engineering Geology Lab

The knowledge of Geology is very essential to the civil engineering students. Geology has been included the 3rd semester curriculum of RTU, Kota. The college has a Geology lab in which the following major experiments are included. 1. Collection of Minerals 2. Set of woods 3 Set of Rocks 4. Collection of Plastic Minerals 5. Set of Minerals 6. Set of metallic Ores 7. Set of Metals and Alloys etc.

Road Material Testing Lab

Road construction comes as one of the prime jobs of civil engineers. It is necessary to have the knowledge of the properties of various materials to be used in road construction such as strength, hardness, toughness, flakiness and elongation of aggregates used in road construction. The college has well equipped lab has following main instruments/practical for this purpose: 1. Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine 2. Impact Testing Machine 3. Ductility Testing Machine 4. Viscometer 5. Marshal Stability Test etc.

Geo-tech Engineering Lab

Knowledge of the properties of soil is very important for civil engineer before the starting of any kind of construction. Hence geo-tech lab has been included in curriculum of Civil engineering branch of RTU. The college has well equipped lab to impart the knowledge of soil properties to the students of 7th and 8th semester students. Geo-tech lab has following main instruments/practical: 1. Tri-axial machine 2. Direct shear test Machine 3 CBR machine 4. Core cutter 5. Cone Penetration machine 6. Proctor Machine etc.

Structural Engineering Lab

A student of civil engineering must necessarily have the knowledge of various types of structures and their behavior under different type of loading patterns. College has well equipped structural lab that includes following main instruments/practical:
1 Clark Maxwell reciprocal theorem with simply supported beam 2 Elastic properties of deflected beam 3 Funicular polygon for flexible 4 ILD for deflection in steel beam 5 Redundant frames etc.

Environmental Engineering Lab

The most important aspects affecting the human life are climate and flora & fauna of the place. Hence it is necessary to study the causes of deterioration of climatic conditions and analyze their remedial measures. Environmental engineering is a subject which makes the students familiar with these aspects. The lab has following main equipments/practical: 1. Digital PH meter to know PH value of water 2. Instruments to know total solid in water 3. Digital Turbidity Meter 4. Hardness test 5. Suspended solid test 6. Colour test