Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering is the back bone of Engineering and oldest branch of engineering. “To become a centre of excellence worldwide in the field of Mechanical Engineering with the best of teaching, learning and research facilities” with this mission and Department aims to prepare employable Mechanical Engineers to cater the need of our nation or world by imparting quality technical education across all levels.

To create Competent Professionals to become part of the Industry and Research Organizations at the National and International levels, department continuously works to improve pedagogical methods to respond effectively to the ever changing needs of the industry.

HOD Profile

Mr. Vikram Badaya


Engineering is a profession full of challenges with creativity and ingenuity .This is one profession which can make you explore yourself in science with practical knowledge. The career prospect of this profession is good and is considered to be excellent in certain specialties. In general, employment in engineering is supposed to grow at an average pace, just as all other occupations, in the next decade. Engineers find job opportunity in all related industries, academics and research institutes.

MAHARISHI ARVIND COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & Research Center provides a unique environment for students to grow under the guidance of experienced academicians and faculty members.



This lab is compulsory for all braches, it is first step for learning practical knowledge and useful in all discipline. In which includes five labs machine lab, fitting lab, carpentry lab, foundry lab and forging lab.

Thermal Engineering Lab

This lab is most important for mechanical engineering in which we studied about engines (4-stroke, 2-stroke), boilers, compressors, lubrication system, automobile assembly and etc.

Dynamics of Machine Lab

In which include mechanics of machines and practical are related to basic mechanism motion of machines.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

This lab related to fluid flow and their studied by practical. In which measure the pressure and different ends of flow.


Strength of Materials Laboratory offers facilities for testing building materials for their strength, behavior and suitability for various applications.

Production Engg. Lab

In which we studied lathe machine, milling machine, grinding machine, shaper machine and also produce products by using these machines. This lab is very useful in industries.

Heat Transfer Lab

Heat Transfer Laboratory experiments help the students to understand all the 3 modes of heat transfer, namely conduction, convection and radiation practically. These experiments also pave way for inculcating certain innovative skills in the students making them to use the above experimental setups as starting point to take up higher level experimental studies in Heat Transfer


The CAD development of designs utilizes both 2D and 3D Software. The lab Computer Aided Design (CAD) package has three components: a) Design, b) Analysis, c) Visualization. Specially trained graduate students with a strong understanding of the Computer- aided design (CAD) are the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.

Project lab

It is new established lab for final year students for prepare projects and utilize their four year technical knowledge.